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I applied online. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Frontier Economics.


Applied online and got an offer to interview two weeks later in the London office, even though first office choice was Brussels. Interview took an hour, with a partner and a younger consultant, first half focused on my experience, skills and knowledge of the company (which you should definitely read up on), second half was a economic consulting case study. The case study part required basic theoretical knowledge of industrial economics (drawing and explaining monopolies and other types market power), and econometrics knowledge (how to find at which point to set prices, what kind of regression would you use). Shouldn't be a surprise for anyone applying but economic consulting deals not only with companies operating in a sector but very often with governmental regulators of the sector itself, so good to start thinking from this alternative perspective too.
Both interviewers were extremely pleasant all throughout the interview, it was clear they were looking more for a conversation than a 'I ask - you reply' dynamic. Regarding my feedback when I received my rejection, I was told to I should've made greater use of 'relevant economic frameworks', what I think means I should have further structured my answer to the case study part of the interview.

Interview Questions

  • How would you use a regression to decide where to set prices in a natural monopoly?   1 Answer
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I applied online. I interviewed at Frontier Economics (London, England).


Was studying in Hong Kong so did the initial interview over Lync (their version of skype).

Stage 1: Basic competency and HR questions so research the firm and know your strengths/motivations etc. Also a case study, they asked me about how you would look at and quantify the effects of free daycare (I believe, it was some months ago) on the economy/society etc. No prior prep, they emailed me background reading to do before the interview, if you're interviewing at the office this will be given to you as a printout.

Stage 2&3: They very kindly flew me to London from HK for the second and third round. Usually they're a week apart but given my situation they were on the same day (provided I passed the 2nd round, which I did thankfully).

Stage 2 is a 'consulting skills' interview so just research what are good consulting skills and have points ready to answer them. Pretty much just standard competency questions again asking about teamwork and motivations etc.

Stage 3 is a harder case study exam with some directors. No print out this time, they just verbally explain it. I got asked about taking the FA cup final off of the nation registry and make it pay-to-view. I found this hard. I asked about previous cases of events being taken off which they liked. But they wanted more analysis about how to quantify the effect so make sure you know about demand curves, consumer surplus and auctions etc.

Didn't get an offer which is a shame. I love the company and would definitely apply again. Amazing young and relaxed culture and the HR team is awesome so recommend applying.

Interview Questions

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