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Fun with Social Norms: Violation of Normal Essay

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Fun with Social Norms: Violation of the Fittest
For my nonconformity/compliance assignment I chose to violate a social norm. I felt that doing it only once would not suffice, so I tried it a few times to see if the results varied from person to person. I went ahead and started with refusing a handshake. The first instance was a friend introducing me to a friend of theirs. He reached his hand out and I just looked at it and shook my head. I must admit it was hard to keep a straight face, but I managed. Concerning my personal feelings, I was surprised at how uncomfortable I was, considering that I was aware that it was an experiment. Despite this knowledge, I still felt a mild rush of embarrassment. His reaction was what I had…show more content…

It is actually a great deal of fun to behave outside of the socially excepted norm when you are with people that are unwilling to follow suit. I was able to get away with my behavior because no one was willing to say anything for fear of “causing a scene.” There is great power in having no shame. I eventually explained the reason for my behavior and all is well with my new friend.  During my second trial, I made the same approach with a female subject. I treated her gesture with more contempt than in my first trial. I did not feel as embarrassed or out of place as I did with the young man. I credit this comfort level to the fact that I had practiced this behavior once before and with practice comes confidence. This particular young lady was clearly an extroverted personality type and did not take my offense as gracefully as had the young man. This may have been because my offense was bolder than the first trial. She showed her offense by looking me up and down and with one hand on her hip, stated, “Anyways…” She proceeded to ignore my presence and continued her conversation with our mutual friend. This experiment obviously had a specific angle and expected result. The typical result will be discomfort and even mild hostility. I really enjoyed watching people struggle in between responding how they “ought” to instead of how the instinctively wanted to. For me, the most valuable lesson learned is the advantage

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